Since 2012, we’ve partnered with government, businesses, and civil society organizations to improve nutrition and newborn care, support reproductive health, strengthen immunization, and help Myanmar achieve its goal of universal health coverage by 2030.

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15 Articles
15 Articles
15 Articles
  1. A woman gives a girl an injection as others wait behind her.
    September 20, 2018

    How a once little-used vaccine now protects millions from Japanese encephalitis

    An incurable disease sometimes referred to as “brain fever” once ravaged communities across Asia. But thanks to PATH and our partners, Japanese encephalitis is no longer the threat it once was. A 15-year effort turned a little-known vaccine from China into an internationally approved immunization tool. The vaccine has now reached an estimated 300 million children—a turning point in the battle to protect people from this dreaded disease.

  2. Healthworker and patient
    August 30, 2018

    This blood test is the key to curing the most stubborn form of malaria

    Low-cost, simple, point-of-care blood tests for G6PD enzyme deficiency are a key part of Plasmodium vivax malaria treatment, and a step towards eliminating malaria overall

  3. Young girl in Myanmar prepares to receive the Japanese encephalitis vaccine. PATH/Thet Htoo
    July 3, 2018

    How do you protect 300 million children from deadly diseases? Partnerships are key

    On the way to vaccinating 300 million children, PATH forged partnerships from local to global levels to ensure the successful and sustainable launch of Japanese encephalitis vaccine.

  4. Two young girls holding up fingers stained with dye.
    November 22, 2017

    Myanmar launches national Japanese encephalitis vaccination campaign

    National launch builds on PATH’s long journey to bring a lifesaving vaccine to at-risk countries.

  5. A rice paddy in Ayeyarwady Region, Myanmar. Photo: PATH/Dara Lee.
    October 11, 2017

    In Myanmar, a simple switch to fortified rice brings huge nutritional impact

    How PATH partnerships deliver fortified rice from field to fork in Myanmar.

  6. A portrait of a woman standing in a garden.
    October 19, 2016

    The essential fight for positive change

    The powerful women in my life showed me how to advocate for and with others.
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