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Malaria pyrethroid resistance 2019 still from GIF
Harnessing the power of routine data to eliminate malaria
Scientist Mulenga Mwenda-Chimfwembe genotypes parasites and searches for molecular markers of drug resistance at the National Malaria Eradication Center in Zambia. Photo: PATH/Sarah Anderson.
Mulenga Mwenda-Chimfwembe’s battle against malaria
DMPA-SC Evidence to Practice 2019 workshop participants
DMPA-SC Evidence to Practice: Increasing access, empowering women
Paulo Urioh, a nurse at Mareu Health Center in Tanzania uses his facility's electronic immunization registry. Last year, Tanzania launched a new national digital health strategy that will pave the way for more digital innovation in the country.
New strategy and systems cement Tanzania’s digital health leadership
Defeating meningitis through vaccination
Dr. M.K. Bhan. Photo: PATH/ K.A. Balaji
Celebrating Dr. M.K. Bhan: The visionary scientist behind India’s rotavirus vaccine
Message and development team in Liberia, typhoid
The long bumpy road to typhoid conjugate vaccine introduction
Digital tools can support "health for all"—if we consider these three things