In India, PATH helps ordinary people use everyday tools to make childbirth safer.

What does it take to save a life?

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  • a village health plan
  • a mindful mother
  • a piggy bank
  • a mother-in-law
  • an involved father
  • a familiar game
  • a health worker
  • a health center
  • words on a wall
  • a committed village
  • a letter from baby
  • a supportive mayor

Childbirth in India is a high-risk proposition. Every year, about 78,000 women don't survive giving birth, and a million babies die in their first month. But thanks to ordinary people called to action by PATH, mothers and babies in thousands of rural villages and urban slums are safer.

This website introduces the people of two small, rural villages, Devpuri and Ithar, who turned simple objects—piggy banks, childhood games, personal letters—into tools that get new families off to a healthy start. Read more »