Subcutaneous DMPA (DMPA-SC) Webinars

Subcutaneous DMPA (DMPA-SC, brand name Sayana® Press) is all-in-one injectable contraceptive that protects against pregnancy for three months. PATH regularly hosts webinars to share the latest evidence and experience from DMPA-SC research, introduction, and scale-up, including self-injection.

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Publication date: March 2019

Available materials

  1. English

    1. The promise of contraceptive self-injection: Evidence from Uganda (webinar recording)

    2. Webinar slides 3.1 MB PDF

      Self-injection of contraception holds great promise for helping women and adolescent girls overcome access barriers and empowering them to manage their health. Building on previous self-injection research conducted in the US and Europe, a PATH/Ministry of Health study in Uganda found that self-injection is both feasible and highly acceptable among most study participants in Uganda. During this webinar held on January 19, 2017, presenters provided background on contraceptive self-injection and shared the study results from Uganda, as well as program implications.

    3. Designing a contraceptive self-injection program: Experience from Uganda (webinar recording)

    4. Webinar slides 3.9 MB PDF

      Self-injection of contraception holds great promise for empowering women to manage their reproductive health. Building on evidence and experience, PATH launched the DMPA-SC Self-injection Best Practices project, applying user-centered design principles to understand how self-injection will work in diverse contexts and delivery channels. During this June 1, 2017 webinar, presenters shared lessons learned to date.

    5. Subcutaneous DMPA: Evidence, experience, and resources for introduction (webinar recording)

    6. Webinar slides 3.5 MB PDF

      During this webinar hosted by PATH and John Snow, Inc. on October 3, 2017, presenters provided an overview of tools, resources, and references for DMPA-SC introduction planning and implementation, as well as self-injection program design. Presenters also discussed the DMPA-SC Access Collaborative’s forthcoming work with ministries of health and partners to facilitate introduction and scale-up.

    7. Self-injection of DMPA-SC in Ghana, Malawi, DRC, Senegal, and Uganda: increasing access, improving continuation, and empowering women (webinar recording)

    8. Webinar slides 5.4 MB PDF

      Thousands of women are now taking charge of their reproductive health through self-injection of the contraceptive DMPA-SC. In this February 13, 2019 webinar, speakers presented evidence from five countries at different stages of DMPA-SC introduction and scale-up, from earliest (Ghana) to more advanced (Uganda). Speakers also shared insights on applying research findings to program design and delivery. This webinar was hosted by the DMPA-SC Access Collaborative Learning and Action Network (LAN).

  2. French

    1. Le DMPA sous-cutane : Evidences, experiences et ressources pour l’introduction (enregistrement de webinaire)

    2. Diapositives de webinaire 3.3 MB PDF

      Dans ce webinaire du 24 avril 2018, organisé par PATH et JSI, Inc., les présentateurs ont donné un aperçu des efforts déployés pour améliorer l'accès au le contraceptif sous-cutané DMPA (DMPA-SC ou Sayana® Press) en Afrique subsaharienne. Des outils et des ressources ont été présentés. Les présentateurs ont également discuté de la Collaboration DMPA-SC pour l'accès, créée pour faciliter l'introduction et la mise à l'échelle avec les ministères de la santé et les partenaires.