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PATH featured in Nicholas Kristof's New York Times giving guide

December 6, 2018 by PATH

Nicholas Kristof visits PATH Seattle in October of 2017. Photo: PATH.

In the PATH product development shop, Nicholas Kristof learned about our work on a prototype infusion device that can deliver lifesaving medicine at a constant rate of flow, without needing electricity. Photo: PATH.

Pulitzer Prize–winning columnist Nicholas Kristof has one simple, powerful suggestion this gift-giving season: instead of giving trinkets, "save lives."

"Women’s health programs are taking a beating in this administration," writes The New York Times op-ed columnist Nicholas Kristof, who recently wrapped up his annual gift-giving guide with a three-paragraph recommendation that donors "consider PATH, a nonprofit that comes up with nifty solutions to problems of the developing world."

Kristof had a memorable visit to PATH's Seattle offices recently. He writes, “Remember Q, who supplied gadgets to James Bond? PATH’s offices in Seattle are like Q’s workshop. Scientists are working on developing contraceptives that women can inject themselves, new water treatment systems, new medical infusion devices powered by bicycle pumps for places that lack electricity, and even the farming of insect larva as a cheap source of protein — a way to address the malnutrition that leaves almost one-quarter of all kids worldwide stunted.”