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DMPA-SC Evidence to Practice: Increasing access, empowering women

June 18, 2018 by PATH

Participants at the DMPA-SC Evidence to Practice workshop in May 2018

Participants at the DMPA-SC Evidence to Practice workshop in May 2018. Photo: PATH

The DMPA-SC Evidence to Practice workshop was held in May 2018 with the goal of increasing voluntary and high-quality access to DMPA-SC within a wide range of contraceptive methods.

Co-hosted by PATH and the Kenya Ministry of Health, the Evidence to Practice workshop involved more than 175 participants from 20+ countries, including ministry of health representatives, implementing partners, and donors.

Workshop participants shared the latest evidence regarding DMPA-SC* (brand name Sayana® Press) and self-injection, and developed country action plans. In addition, two regional DMPA-SC Learning and Action Networks—one Anglophone and one Francophone—were launched under the DMPA-SC Access Collaborative to sustain connections and facilitate evidence-based progress across countries.

A meeting report as well as evidence and related resources featured at the workshop are highlighted below. For more information, sign up for our newsletter or email

Overview and resources

Effective delivery of DMPA-SC

Self-injection: Acceptability, feasibility, and effectiveness

Workshop presentations

“ We have moved beyond the period of pilots and studies—countries need to move to planning for ambitious scale up and use a cascade approach to train providers swiftly. ”
— Evidence to Practice workshop participant

*DMPA-SC: Subcutaneous depot medroxyprogesterone acetate.
Sayana Press is a registered trademark of Pfizer Inc.
Uniject is a trademark of BD.

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