Training for DMPA-SC, the all-in-one injectable contraceptive

June 18, 2018 by PATH

Family planning provider training in Uganda

Photo: PATH/Will Boase

Several thousands of health workers around the world have been trained to safely provide DMPA-SC injections in clinics, community locations, and villages, and even to support women to self-inject.

The quality of health worker training and supervision drives whether and how a product or innovation reaches users. Effective training and supervision require sufficient planning, committed personnel, and financial resources.

Based on diverse approaches across settings, PATH and partners have gained significant experience and learning about health worker training and supervision—including how to effectively begin offering a new method within the context of informed choice.

Available in English and French, the DMPA-SC (brand name Sayana® Press) training materials linked below include a range of presentation slides, handouts, and job aids that can be customized for the varying needs of training programs.

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“I’m better at giving Sayana Press to other women because I inject it myself. Doing this work gives me self-confidence. I’m helping people a lot.”
— Community health worker, Uganda


*DMPA-SC: Subcutaneous depot medroxyprogesterone acetate.
Sayana Press is a registered trademark of Pfizer Inc.

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