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Mission and strategy

Our mission

Our mission is to advance health equity through innovation and partnerships.

Our manifesto

A path is a way forward.
This is the way we look at things. Forward.
Because not everyone gets a chance at progress.
To grow. To be healthy. To have a voice. To live a full life.
This inequality is in front of us.
And we can look away or we can look ahead.
We know that when people are healthy, all of humanity moves forward.
Better health means stronger countries. Growing markets. Shifting economies.
Social progress.
It turns problems into plans.
Research into innovation.
And saves more lives in fewer lifetimes.
This is what we do at PATH.
We’re thoughtful. We’re passionate. We’re committed.
And we’re pursuing healthy progress for all.

Our strategy

Our strategy is bold, aspirational, and evolving with the world around us.

Refreshed in 2019, our strategy unifies PATH’s global team in pursuit of the ambitious, world-shaping goal laid out by the United Nations: By 2030, improve health outcomes for more than 1.4 billion people in low-resource settings by creating and advancing quality health solutions.

Contributing to this single, unified goal will help to align PATH’s various programs and initiatives to one another, while aligning our overall efforts with other peer organizations contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

2030 SDGs

SDGs with SDG 3 highlighted

As we contribute to this bold UN Sustainable Development Goal, we will reach these concurrent milestones along the way:

  • Reach 1.3 billion women and children to end preventable death and improve health outcomes.
  • Reduce morbidity and mortality in 1.2 billion people from communicable diseases.
  • Reduce morbidity and mortality in 2.8 million people from noncommunicable diseases.

We have also established a targeted set of strategic objectives for 2019-2020, focused on our leading global capabilities in Primary Health Care, Malaria, Vaccines, and Data and digital excellence. PATH will continue to develop solutions and work in health areas that extend far beyond these four strategic areas.