​This report, part of the Roll Back Malaria Progress & Impact Series, provides an overview of mathematical modelling, explains its history in relation to epidemiology and malaria, and details its implications and uses for global and national malaria control and elimination planning. The report aims to expand the dialogue within the global malaria community—and among public health decision-makers in particular—on when and how mathematical modelling can help inform malaria control programs and policies.

Author(s): Chitnis N, Schapira A, Smith DL, Smith T, Hay SI, Steketee R

Corporate author(s): Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, University of Florida, University of Oxford, PATH

Publication date: November 2010

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Mathematical Modelling to Support Malaria Control and Elimination [French]

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Also known as: Modélisation Mathématique Pour le Contrôle et l’Élimination du Paludisme

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This publication is part of the series Roll Back Malaria Progress & Impact Series

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