Health worker preparing slides next to a microscope, with text, 'We can eliminate malaria. World Malaria Day 2014. On the blog.'
Vials of vaccine, with text, 'World Immunization Week: how to save 2 million kids a year. On the blog.'
Woman carrying a tray of ice on her head, selling to a crowd waiting for vaccinations.
Health care workers immunizing a young girl, with text, 'Best buys in global health: which ones transform lives? On the blog.'

How we’ll finally defeat

An ancient disease

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Powerful potential

Four up-and-coming vaccines

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Vaccination consumers count

Why we must increase demand

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Resources where results are

Experts pick global health best buys

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PATH is an international health organization driving transformative innovation to save lives

Mother standing and holding child. Label reads, ‘About PATH.’
Hands with a syringe drawing from a vaccine vial. Label reads, ‘Our innovation platforms.’
PATH president and CEO Steve Davis kneeling beside two children. Label reads, ‘Our leadership.’