Health worker filling a syringe from a vaccine vial, with text, 'Accelerating global health's next big ideas: explore PATH's new initiative reimagining what's possible in global health. Innovation Countdown 2030. Visit website.'
Group of women watching a tabletop projector, with text, 'Amateur actors and a low-cost projector: the power of community-made videos. On the blog.'
Tackling cervical cancer from every angle. New technologies, new approaches.
Hand holding vial with small heat-sensitive dot, children in line for vaccinations, and text, 'Vaccine vial monitors: tiny, transformative, smart. And now, 5 billion strong. This little sticker saves dose at a time. On the blog.'

Seeking innovations

With game-changing potential

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Projecting health

Videos revolutionize behavior change

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Cervical cancer innovations

Prevention, detection, treatment

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Small circle, big impact

Smart label flags heat damage

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PATH is an international health organization driving transformative innovation to save lives

Smiling mother holding her toddler, with text, ‘About PATH.’
Hand holding a Uniject device, with text, ‘Our innovation platforms.’
PATH president and CEO Steve Davis giving a 'high-five' to a child, with text, 'Our leadership.’