Tackling cervical cancer from every angle. New technologies, new approaches.
Hand holding vial with small heat-sensitive dot, children in line for vaccinations, and text, 'Vaccine vial monitors: tiny, transformative, smart. And now, 5 billion strong. This little sticker saves dose at a time. On the blog.'
Woman and Uniject prefilled injection device, with text, 'Accessible, convenient, and discreet: a new contraceptive option for Africa. On the blog.'
Woman holding laughing baby, with text, 'We've cut preventable child deaths by millions. Now let's get them to zero. On the blog.'

Cervical cancer innovations

Prevention, detection, treatment

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Small circle, big impact

Smart label flags heat damage

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Injectable contraceptive

Expands access to family planning

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Kids deserve a 5th birthday

How innovation helps get us there

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PATH is an international health organization driving transformative innovation to save lives

Smiling mother holding her toddler, with text, ‘About PATH.’
Hand holding a Uniject device, with text, ‘Our innovation platforms.’
PATH president and CEO Steve Davis giving a 'high-five' to a child, with text, 'Our leadership.’