The third report of the Roll Back Malaria Progress & Impact Series analyzes the impact of malaria control scale-up on child mortality over the last decade in 34 malaria-endemic African countries. Using the Lives Saved Tool, this report demonstrates the dramatic progress made toward achieving the Millennium Development Goals related to malaria and child survival—and the potential consequences of decreasing our commitment to fighting the disease.

Author(s): Eisele T, Larsen D, Walker N, Steketee R, Cibulskis R

Corporate author(s): Tulane University, Johns Hopkins University, PATH, World Health Organization

Publication date: September 2010

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Saving Lives With Malaria Control [French]

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Also known as: Lutte Contre le Paludisme et Vies Sauvées : Sur la Voie des Objectifs du Millénaire Pour le Développement

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This publication is part of the series Roll Back Malaria Progress & Impact Series

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