Young children standing next to their families.

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You can change lives for the better

Our work in vaccines comes down to one simple moment. A child receives a lifesaving dose, and a new future opens: doctor, teacher, artist, mom. Support from individuals like you allows that moment—and that future—to unfold.

How you can help

By making a gift to PATH’s Catalyst Fund, you make it possible for us to continue pursuing new ideas with the potential for unprecedented impact—like vaccines that can end epidemic meningitis in Africa or provide children with long-awaited protection from malaria.

Your gift can help PATH design a trial run, carry out groundbreaking research, or launch a pilot program in one of the more than 70 countries where we work. With your help, we can leverage the financial and intellectual resources of collaborators around the world.

How we use your gift

Individual donors support projects across the range of PATH's work. Your support has been critical to developing vaccines, and will continue to be essential to progress. Through the Catalyst Fund, our supporters have…

…helped countries such as Cambodia implement nationwide immunization programs for their children.
…moved landlocked vaccines out of warehouses and into the hands of health workers.
…supported innovative technologies that get vaccines to the people who need them most, unlocking countless futures.

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Photo: PATH/Mike Wang.