Still from 'I Am' video.


I Am

In countries where deadly and disabling diseases are common, vaccines help millions of children make it to their futures.

Still from 'A Common Disease, a Promising Solution' video.


A Common Disease, a Promising Solution

Follow the trail of rotavirus vaccines in Nicaragua.

Still from 'Generation Without Fear' video.


Generation Without Fear

The Meningitis Vaccine Project could end epidemic meningitis in Africa.

Photo from 'Our reach in vaccines' slideshow.


Our reach in vaccines

We advance development and delivery of vaccines with the potential to improve millions of lives.

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Technologies for vaccines

It takes innovation to ensure vaccines are safe and effective, even in settings where few resources are available.

Photo from 'Lifesaving solutions for Nicaragua's children' slideshow.


Lifesaving solutions for Nicaragua's children

Thanks to the widespread introduction of a vaccine and effective treatments, Nicaragua's diarrhea wards are nearly empty.

Photo from 'Landmark campaign to protect India's children' slideshow.


Landmark campaign to protect India's children

In 2005, an outbreak of Japanese encephalitis killed 1,700 people and disabled thousands more in India. In 2006, a vaccination campaign against the disease began.

Julien Bonboungou


A new vaccine's powerful potential

MenAfriVac™ may one day mean the end of epidemic meningitis in Africa.

Wilson Garcia Obando


A solution for severe diarrhea

Severe diarrhea often kills children like two-year-old Wilson Garcia Obando. But a vaccine, coupled with effective treatment, is saving lives.

Laxmi holding her infant son, Nikhil.


To care for her family

In rural India, a project ensures that new mothers like Laxmi can care for their babies, including getting the vaccinations they need.