Grinning girl and vaccine vials, with text, 'A world of possibilities. Vaccines free millions from fear of disease. Watch video.'

Toddler holding her fingers to her mouth, with text 'Emptying Nicaragua's diarrhea wards. Learn more.'

Photo from 'Our reach in vaccines' slideshow.


Our reach in vaccines

We advance development and delivery of vaccines with the potential to improve millions of lives.

Photo from 'Technologies for vaccines' slideshow.


Technologies for vaccines

It takes innovation to ensure vaccines are safe and effective, even in settings where few resources are available.

John Wecker


What's it take to get a vaccine to a child?

John Wecker, former director of PATH's Vaccine Access and Delivery program, recalls how one vaccine got to the children who most needed it.

Photos: “a world of possibilities,” PATH/Claire Suni; “emptying Nicaragua's diarrhea wards,” PATH/Mike Wang.