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PATH's Japanese Encephalitis Project helped bring a lifesaving vaccine to India.

What does it take to develop a vaccine?

The most advanced science is essential to producing effective vaccines. But it’s not all you need.

As important is a strong base of support to find, test, and eventually market the most promising vaccine candidates. In industrialized countries, commercial markets often provide that assistance. But in poorer places, the development process includes an extra layer of complexity: cultivating support for affordable vaccines that address the specific needs of developing countries.

PATH works across the vaccine development spectrum, engaging with the private sector, public health partners, and health officials in affected countries to find new vaccines or adapt existing ones for the developing world. Our experience extends from identifying promising ideas to building demand for vaccines with the potential to alleviate suffering and save lives.

We invite you to meet five of our staff members who are bringing new vaccine options to a waiting world.

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Photo: PATH/Julie Jacobson.