Health worker on a motorcycle, with boxes of vaccine strapped on the back.

It takes careful planning—and sometimes a health worker on a motorcycle—to deliver vaccines.

To save lives, vaccines must reach children

Until a vaccine reaches the people who need it, it’s not saving lives. Children who are among the most threatened by disease—those who live in the poorest countries—often are the last to receive the vaccines that can change their lives. In fact, up to 15 years may pass between the introduction of a new vaccine in rich countries and its routine use in the developing world.

At PATH, we’re working to ensure that every child gets lifesaving vaccines as quickly as possible. Our work ranges from conducting clinical trials that build evidence of a vaccine's effectiveness to ensuring that the vaccine arrives safely at its final destination.

We'd like you to meet four PATH staff members who work to ensure children around the world have timely access to effective vaccines.

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Photo: Umit Kartoglu.