Anurag Mairal

Who works at PATH? Meet some of our staff, like Anurag Mairal, leader of our Technology Solutions program, on our blog. Photo: PATH/Patrick McKern.

PATH employs a diverse workforce—people from all walks of life and from countries all over the world.

Who works at PATH? A clinical researcher working on a new vaccine that can stop meningitis epidemics. A behavior change specialist who helps young people discover new ways to navigate the hurdles of adolescence. A commercialization officer who helps countries manufacture fortified grains that give children the nutrients they need to grow and thrive. The various administrative staff who support all these essential efforts. And many, many more.

Meet some of our staff and read their stories on our blog.

Where do our staff work? In China, Ethiopia, France, India, Kenya, South Africa, Ukraine, the United States, and many more locations. Read more about our global presence.

No matter the role or location, each employee contributes to PATH’s vision of bringing health within reach of everyone. Together we’re tackling the world’s biggest health challenges.

PATH is committed to diversity and inclusion in the broadest sense, including gender, race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation and gender identity, physical ability, national origin, social background, and other human differences.