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  1. Woman-controlled, nonhormonal family planning method is helping to address the unmet contraceptive needs of millions of women
    Published: June 2019
    Type: Press Release
  2. PATH's expertise in developing technology solutions for low-resource settings, as well as our collaboration with governments and the public and private sectors, improves the health of women around the world by making high-quality care accessible to all. Using a combination of evidence-based programming and revolutionary and accessible technologies, we empower women and girls to choose and use the health services they need to pursue healthy, fulfilling lives. In the briefs below, we highlight the work we are doing to improve the sexual and reproductive health of people around the world, as well as the philosophy and goals that will guide PATH in addressing SRH issues in innovative ways.
    Published: December 2018
    Type: Resource Page
  3. Subcutaneous DMPA (DMPA-SC, brand name Sayana® Press) is a three-month injectable contraceptive that is easy to use and uniquely suited for self-injection. Demonstration and practice injections are a key part of training programs for both health workers and self-injecting clients. Based on lessons learned in five countries, this memo summarizes PATH’s recommendations for types and numbers of units for injection demonstration and practice, injection practice models, and waste disposal.This memo is included as part of PATH's training materials for facility- and community-based family planning providers.For more information, please visit, sign up for our newsletter or email
    Published: October 2018
    Type: Resource Page
  4. In 2017, 74 cases of type 2 poliovirus were reported in Syria before a swift and massive immunization response was deployed to stop the circulating virus in its tracks.
    Published: June 2018
    Type: Article
  5. The World Health Organization, PATH, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation answer African leaders’ call for a solution to the deadly meningitis epidemic.
    Published: June 2015
    Type: Article
  6. Africa is finally able to imagine a world without meningitis, thanks to an innovative vaccine.
    Published: June 2013
    Type: Article