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  1. The Prospective Country Evaluation (PCE) is an embedded mixed-methods evaluation platform designed to examine the Global Fund business model, investments and contribution to disease program outcomes and impact in eight countries. The PCE generates timely evidence to support program improvements and accelerate progress towards the objectives of the Global Fund 2017-2022 Strategy.This brief presents findings synthesized across the eight PCE countries in 2018.
    Published: June 2019
    Type: Resource Page
  2. This fact sheet provides an overview of PATH's Japanese encephalitis (JE) vaccine project, which supports the introduction of JE vaccine in endemic countries. In the past 15 years, PATH and its partners have helped immunize more than 300 million children against JE through the project.
    Published: September 2018
    Type: Resource Page
  3. Low-cost, simple, point-of-care blood tests for G6PD enzyme deficiency are a key part of Plasmodium vivax malaria treatment, and a step towards eliminating malaria overall
    Published: August 2018
    Type: Article
  4. Diarrhea is a major cause of child death in both Cambodia and Vietnam, but for years, outdated national policies kept medicines from reaching caretakers and children suffering from diarrhea. In response, PATH led efforts in Cambodia and Vietnam to join health advocates together to assemble evidence, identify key health decision makers, and convince the ministries of health to prioritize policy changes to improve access to medicines that could reduce the toll of diarrhea.
    Published: November 2014
    Type: Resource Page
  5. In Cambodia, an innovative idea to treat pneumonia and diarrhea at the same time—profiled in this post—was so successful that the Ministry of Health plans to join with us and UNICEF to extend the project throughout the country. But the project’s future wasn’t fully assured until just last month, when PATH contributors generously gave us support to help carry the work toward scale-up. Thank you!
    Published: January 2013
    Type: Article
  6. Childhood immunization is a major public health concern in Cambodia. A study of the knowledge, attitudes, and practices of communities and health workers was conducted to identify barriers to immunization and inform future information, education, and communication strategies.
    Published: January 2002
    Type: Resource Page