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About PATH Health Systems Innovation and Delivery

Partnering locally for lasting impact.

We strengthen health systems and develop country capacity for data-driven decision-making. We deploy novel research methods to unpack the complexities of health systems. We create efficient and inclusive feedback loops that empower decision-makers to seek and use quality data. And we don't stop there. We innovate systems solutions grounded in evidence, and design programs for flexibility, responsiveness, and sustainable impact.

Learn more about our work:

Epidemic preparedness and response

Improving country capacity to prevent, detect, and respond to infectious disease outbreaks through our Global Health Security portfolio.

Data quality and use

Synthesizing what works to improve data use in immunization program decision-making in the IDEA project.

Immunization coverage and equity

Tackling immunization service delivery challenges in the Better Immunization Data Initiative.

Complex evaluations

Generating actionable insights through applying mixed methods approaches to understanding complex systems in the Global Fund Prospective Country Evaluation and the Gavi Full Country Evaluation.