Darin Zehrung

Program Leader, Devices and Tools

Darin Zehrung, MBA, leads PATH’s Devices and Tools Program. Mr. Zehrung also serves on the leadership team for PATH’s Center for Vaccine Innovation and Access (CVIA), helping ensure synergies and coordination between CVIA and our Technology Development and Introduction divsion.

In his 20 years at PATH, Mr. Zehrung has helped advance many health technology products that have been adopted across countries and contributed to our reputation as a health technology innovator. Products he has worked on include the Uniject inection system, autodisable syringes, the vaccine vial monitor, jet injectors, the Woman's Condom, the SILCS/Caya diaphragm, and safer disposal of sharps waste.

Prior to becoming the leader of our Devices and Tools Program in 2018, Mr. Zehrung led PATH’s portfolio in vaccine and pharmaceutical delivery technologies, helping position us as a globally recognized expert in delivery and packaging technologies for vaccines and essential medicines. Key areas of technology development include microarray patches, blow-fill-seal, implantable drug delivery, vaccine products, and oxygen devices. He also led the work to establish a Center of Excellence at PATH for microarray patches.

Darin holds a BS in biology and an MBA, both from Western Washington University.