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Epidemic Preparedness

We help countries build strong health systems, complete with the laboratories, information systems, clinics, and well-trained staff they need to prevent, detect, and stop disease outbreaks before they can become epidemics or pandemics.

Our Work
18 Articles
18 Articles
18 Articles
  1. chickens in IVAC henhouse with staff member_PATH/Matthew Dakin.jpg
    September 24, 2018

    A decade of development: What does it take to build an influenza vaccine from scratch?

    Vietnam has been working for nearly a decade to develop and manufacture influenza vaccines. With PATH support, the Institute of Vaccines and Medical Biologicals has done just that—and it has submitted two candidates for licensure.

  2. clinical trial staff in lab in Vietnam_PATH/Nguyen Phu Cuong.jpg
    September 24, 2018

    Duty and pride: A vaccine clinical trial through the eyes of a volunteer

    What's it like to volunteer for for a clinical trial? One participant in Vietnam reflects on the opportunity to contribute to the country's influenza defenses.

  3. Dr Le Van Be at IVAC_PATH/Hai Trinh.JPG
    September 24, 2018

    Vietnam's vaccine champion

    Dr. Le Van Be, director of the Institute of Vaccines and Medical Biologicals, believes in the power of vaccines. And he is committed to seeing locally made influenza vaccine become a reality.

  4. Influenza vaccine development at Torlak_Photo/Courtesy of Torlak.jpg
    September 24, 2018

    Building a new influenza vaccine

    Serbia’s Institute of Virology, Vaccines, and Sera “Torlak” is a trusted, recognized vaccine producer in Serbia. As part of the influenza vaccine development project, it conducted its first complex vaccine clinical trial in humans, which helps position Torlak as an essential vaccine producer for the Balkan region.

  5. Influenza vaccine development technicians at Torlak_Courtesy of Torlak.jpg
    September 24, 2018

    The power of local: Can a domestically produced vaccine increase uptake?

    Improving vaccine coverage rates and vaccine acceptability in Serbia are critical issues. Locally made vaccines might be a part of the solution.

  6. Crowd of smiling kids.
    November 14, 2017

    One shot to stop epidemic meningitis

    Building a vaccine that will eliminate epidemic disease for good

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