Every year, malaria kills hundreds of thousands of people, most of them young African children. Malaria can be controlled through the use of medicines, insecticides, and insecticide-treated screens and bednets, and can be treated with antimalarial drugs. Currently, there is no licensed vaccine against malaria; however, several vaccines are under development.

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Key resources

Malaria Vaccine R&D in the Decade of Vaccines: Breakthroughs, Challenges and Opportunities (2013)
An article that provides information on breakthroughs and opportunities in the field of malaria vaccine research and development.

Qualification of Standard Membrane-Feeding Assay with Plasmodium falciparum Malaria and Potential Improvements for Future Assays (2013)
An article about the assay used in the development of vaccines against malaria.

Featured PATH resources

Making Malaria History
A website that provide updates on the latest malaria research and news.

Malaria Vaccine Initiative
An organizational website for the PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative that contains information on malaria and potential vaccines against the disease.

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