How do I order publications from PATH?

Most documents produced in the past five years are available electronically, and we encourage readers to download the electronic versions. To order hard copies, please send an email specifying the title you wish to order and your mailing address to Supplies of hard copies are limited for some documents.

How do I download a publication?

To download the electronic version of a document, click on the "View details" or "Download/View Digital File" links. Most files are available in the PDF format; some are available in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. PDF files may be viewed with Adobe's free Acrobat Reader software.

All electronic files have been streamlined for easy downloading. To ensure that large files can be reliably downloaded, some long documents have been divided into several smaller sections; these are listed on the "View details" page for each listing. We encourage readers to download all sections of longer documents.

How can I find the document I'm looking for?

PATH's website allows readers to browse our publications catalog in several ways: by document title, subject, geographical region, or language. On each of these pages, readers have two options for viewing the catalog contents: alphabetical order or publication date.

When searching by title, readers should note that:

  • Alphabetical listings are sorted in the language the document is printed in. Thus, the English version of a manual on palliative care appears under P; the Spanish translation appears under C (cuidados paliativos).
  • Articles published in periodicals are listed by the article title rather than the periodical title. Thus, an article on "Preventing postpartum hemorrhage" that appears in our Outlook newsletter will be listed under P. To view the titles of all Outlook articles, readers should go to the "series" page and click on Outlook.

Can I reprint or adapt PATH materials?

PATH encourages the use of our materials. Small excerpts or limited reproduction for educational or noncommercial use should be accompanied by an acknowledgement line. We would appreciate receiving notice of this use. For translations, adaptations, commercial use, or broad distribution of our materials, please contact us at with a description of your intended usage.

Whom do I contact with other publications questions?

If you have a question that's not addressed here, please contact PATH's publications staff at