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Stakeholder Perceptions of a (DTwP-HepB-Hib) Pentavalent Vaccine in the Uniject Injection System

One potential way to improve coverage of basic vaccines is to combine several vaccine antigens into one injection that is delivered with an easy-to-use, single-dose, autodisable device. Pentavalent vaccine in the prefilled Uniject™ injection system provides this format. To assess the readiness of stakeholders to accept this product presentation, we conducted interviews and discussion groups with health care workers, policy and procurement officers, and Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI) managers in six countries.

Publication date: June 2014

Region: Africa

Standards of Prevention in HIV Prevention Trials

This report covers a 2009 consultation in Kampala, Uganda, that was convened by the Global Campaign for Microbicides, the Joint UN Programme on HIV/AIDS, and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It includes recommendations related to key ethical and practical questions on the design and implementation of clinical trials.

Author: McGrory E, Philpott S, Hankins C, Paxton L, Heise L

Publication date: May 2010

Region: Global

START-UP: Innovation in Cervical Cancer Screening

This fact sheet describes how the START-UP project is working with private-sector partners to develop two new tests that detect infection with the types of human papillomavirus (HPV) that cause cervical cancer. Designed for use in low-resource settings, these screening tools are an innovative answer to the challenge of early detection of the precursors of cervical cancer.

Publication date: July 2009

Region: Global

Status Report on Human Papillomavirus Vaccines

Status report on HPV vaccines

Author: Herdman C

Publication date: 2005

Region: Global

Status Report on Uniject Prefilled Injection Device

Author: Fleming J

Publication date: 2003

Region: Global

Staying the Course? Malaria Research and Development in a Time of Economic Uncertainty

This report details malaria research and development funding from 2004 to 2009, including how much funding went to each product area, who provided the funding, and how investments flowed from funders to recipients. The report assesses progress against the Global Malaria Action Plan funding goals to identify what is needed in the next decade.

Publication date: June 2011

Region: Global

STD Management for HIV and AIDS Prevention: The AIDS Surveillance and Education Project in the Philippines

Author: Aquino C; D'Agnes L; Castro J; Borromeo M; Schmidt K; Gill K

Publication date: 2003

Region: Global

Stimulating Innovation in the Vaccine Cold Chain Equipment Industry

This document describes project Optimize’s effort to stimulate the development of two new categories of cold chain equipment—solar direct-drive refrigerators and passive-cooled cold boxes—by eliminating key market barriers and providing incentives to manufacturers to meet performance, quality, and safety specifications set by the World Health Organization.

Publication date: August 2013

Region: Global

Stop Freezing Vaccine!

This series describes the serious risk of freezing vaccines and provides tools to reduce freezing in the cold chain. The materials contain current WHO-recommended freeze-prevention strategies targeted toward all levels of storage and transport of vaccines.

Publication date: 2003

Region: Global

Strategic Planning and Situation Assessment for Cervical Cancer Prevention: Practical Experience From PATH

This report is part of the Cervical Cancer Prevention: Practical Experience Series on the RHO Cervical Cancer website. It aims to help decision-makers and program planners focus on key “big picture” questions about cervical cancer prioritization and on opportunities and challenges for improved cancer prevention, including vaccination of girls and precancer screening and treatment of adult women.

Publication date: 2011

Region: Global

Streamlining Immunization Logistics in the Provinces of Central Java and Yogyakarta, Indonesia

This document describes the Streamlining Immunization Logistics project, implemented between April 2005 and March 2006 in eight districts of Central Java and Yogyakarta, Indonesia. This project has demonstrated qualitative improvements in the efficiency of sub-national logistic systems supporting the delivery of immunization services.

Author: Lloyd J

Publication date: 2006

Region: Asia

Strengthening Access to Sexual and Reproductive Health Services for People With HIV and for People at Risk of HIV

This policy brief describes the study objectives, methodology, and findings from the PATH Convergence Project in India. The brief includes recommendations for developing a national policy in India to converge HIV and reproductive health services for people with HIV and for those most at risk.

Publication date: January 2008

Region: Asia

Strengthening Communities' Responses to HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia

The Strengthening Communities’ Responses to HIV/AIDS project is a 3-year contract funded by USAID, with two 1-year option periods. PATH is the prime contractor and is joined by four international partners and several local partners. The goal of the project is to strengthen the capacity of civil-society organizations to improve access and quality of HIV care and support services, including counseling and testing and treatment-adherence activities within communities, so that health outcomes for HIV-positive Ethiopians and their dependents are improved.

Publication date: August 2010

Region: Africa

Strengthening Health Systems Through Procurement

This two-page fact sheet details the procurement systems strengthening work that PATH has done over two decades in over 30 countries.

Publication date: June 2008

Region: Global

Strengthening Human Milk Banking

PATH is working to promote human milk banking to improve nutrition for infants who are especially vulnerable, such as those in resource-limited settings who are pre-term, low birthweight, severely malnourished, born to HIV-positive mothers, or orphaned. These briefs provide an overview of why human milk banking is important and how it can be integrated within breastfeeding strategies.

Publication date: July 2011

Region: Africa

Strengthening Human Milk Banking: A Global Implementation Framework, Version 1

Drawing on the experiences of milk banks around the world, PATH developed this document as a high-level blueprint or toolkit that ministries of health, policymakers, and implementers can use to identify the critical components required for an effective human milk bank program. Our goal is that this framework serve as a powerful resource, facilitating communication with the global human milk banking community, empowering policymakers with the tools and information they need to develop and support locally appropriate human milk banks and, ultimately, ensuring that vulnerable infants around the world have access to this lifesaving intervention.

Publication date: December 2013

Region: Global

Strengthening Immunization Services Through Service Delivery Support: The Andhra Pradesh Experience

Publication date: 2006

Region: Asia

Strengthening Lifesaving Tuberculosis Laboratories in India

This is the story of how PATH’s work to upgrade tuberculosis (TB) laboratories in India helps ensure that laboratories have the equipment, training, and procedures in place to diagnose TB, including drug-resistant forms, so that people who are sick can access the lifesaving treatment they need as quickly as possible. It is one of a series of success stories that showcase some of the ways that PATH’s work in TB is having an impact on people’s lives in a variety of settings around the world. This work was made possible through generous funding from the US Agency for International Development.

Publication date: February 2012

Region: Asia

Part of series: Tuberculosis success stories

Strengthening National Regulatory Capacity: PATH Supports Countries to Ensure Health Products Are Safe, Effective, and Swiftly Delivered

Global investments to strengthen regulatory capacity in developing countries help ensure desperately needed medical products are delivered, thereby improving health and equipping countries with the expertise and infrastructure to make important health decisions for years to come.

Publication date: July 2012

Region: Global

Strengthening Private-Sector Involvement in TB and HIV in Vietnam

This factsheet introduces PATH’s work in Vietnam to design and implement approaches to working with private-sector providers as a way to increase access to existing TB and HIV case detection, treatment, and prevention services.

Publication date: July 2008

Region: Asia