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Emergency Contraception: It's Not Too Late To Prevent Pregnancy

This brochure, which is available in 14 languages, helps health care providers communicate with clients about emergency contraception. The brochure is formatted so that it can be downloaded, printed, photocopied (double-sided), and then folded. There are two versions for each language: one for letter-size paper, the other for A4-size paper. A new version of the brochure will be ready in early 2012.

Publication date: 1998

Region: North America and Europe

Life Planning Skills: A Curriculum for Young People in Africa, Tanzania Version

This curriculum is designed to help youth in Tanzania face the challenges of growing up. The set includes a facilitator’s manual and a workbook for participants. The curriculum provides activities that facilitators can use to help young people gain information about themselves and their sexuality (including preventing pregnancy and avoiding sexually transmitted infections and HIV); learn about preparing for the world of work; better understand their feelings about growing up, gender roles, risk taking, sexual behavior, and friendship; and practice making decisions, setting goals, communicating clearly, negotiating for their own health, and not giving into negative peer pressure. The facilitator's manual is available as one large file or as four smaller files for easier downloading.

Publication date: 2003

Region: Africa

Printing Template for the Nevirapine Infant-Dose Pouch Label

These labels for the nevirapine infant-dose pouch give instructions for handling and administering the medication; they include a place for health workers to record the expiration date. These labels are available in the following formats: English-language for A4-sized label stock, English-language for 8 ? x 11-inch label stock, and Kiswahili-language for A4-sized label stock.

Author: Berman A; Brooke S

Publication date: 2006

Region: Global

Stronger Health Advocates, Greater Health Impacts: Tools of the Trade

Advocacy is an effective method to achieve global health goals by ensuring that necessary resources, policies, and political will are available to support important programs. These resources help new and experienced advocates assess policy advocacy options, plan goals and activities, and develop a comprehensive strategy for advocacy impact.

Publication date: February 2015

Region: Africa, Asia, Global

Tackling Micronutrient Malnutrition: Rice Fortification Fights Hidden Hunger in Myanmar

This fact sheet describes PATH's activities to tackle micronutrient malnutrition in Myanmar.

Publication date: July 2014

Region: Asia