Vaccine vials, including vaccine vial monitor stickers.

The coalition advocates for public financing, streamlined regulatory processes, and incentives for the development of new health technologies. Photo: Umit Kartoglu.

The Global Health Technologies Coalition advocates for accelerated development of health solutions for poor countries

Health technologies have the potential to save millions of lives each year. Millions of people die annually from HIV/AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis, and an estimated one billion are devastated by neglected tropical diseases. The world urgently needs new vaccines, drugs, microbicides, and diagnostic tests to slow these global threats and tackle many other pressing health needs.

However, insufficient funds for research and development (R&D), regulatory challenges in approving new technologies, and a perceived lack of a market for such products by private industry can hinder the development of new health solutions for the developing world.

To remove these obstacles, a diverse group of nongovernmental organizations have come together as partners in the Global Health Technologies Coalition (GHTC). Funded in part by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the coalition is dedicated to increasing awareness about the research and development needed to address critical global health challenges. The coalition’s secretariat is housed at PATH.

Influence through collaboration

Screenshot of the GHTC website.

The GHTC website provides current news, information, resources, and advocacy for tools to prevent, diagnose, and treat global diseases. Photo: Global Health Technologies Coalition.

The coalition convenes and coordinates an active constituency to increase awareness and leadership among US decision-makers about effective policies and sufficient resources to accelerate development and delivery of global health technologies. The GHTC does not advocate for any specific diseases or devices, but rather for policies and funding that advance the goals of global health research and development more broadly.

The coalition works to:

  • Build and support an informed and influential constituency for global health technologies.
  • Conduct policy analysis to inform, develop, and pursue a strategic advocacy agenda.
  • Conduct outreach and pursue strategic alliances.
  • Educate and inform policymakers.

Coalition members pursue advocacy around specific policy topics, including:

  • Public financing—calling for increased financing, coordination, and strategic investments by the US government in global health research and development.
  • Regulatory pathways—advocating for streamlined regulatory processes and pathways to accelerate licensing of safe and effective global health technologies.
  • Incentives and innovative financing—supporting the adoption of new market-based incentives to encourage investments by private industry in global health research and development.

A trusted resource

GHTC serves as a trusted resource for policymakers in the US and worldwide on R&D policy and funding issues. The coalition works to raise awareness about global health R&D policy issues by undertaking a range of activities, including:

  • Ongoing efforts—through briefings, events, reports, and other materials—to educate policymakers and fellow advocates about a range of legislative, funding, and programmatic topics that have the potential to advance the development and delivery of new tools for global health.
  • Annual policy reports, which provide recommendations to US policymakers in Congress and the administration on the most effective policies and resources to promote global health research and product development.
  • Rigorous analysis of the gaps and needs in the global health R&D landscape. These efforts are meant to inform policymakers in the US and globally.

Through these activities, the GHTC has expanded its role as a leader in global health research policy and funding issues, positioning the coalition as a key partner for policymakers around the world.

Diverse members, shared focus

Nearly 30 nonprofit organizations participate in the GHTC. Members range from advocacy groups to think tanks to product development partnerships. United, we are raising a powerful collective voice for vital vaccines, drugs, and other health tools that can save lives around the world.

To find out more about the coalition, please visit the GHTC website or email