Boy standing in a covered outdoor walkway.

Where there are vaccines, children have a good chance at surviving common illnesses.

Wide-ranging work extends the promise of vaccines to children in need

A shot in the arm or a few drops of vaccine in the mouth can mean the difference between a family’s sorrow and a child’s healthy future. Where families have access to vaccines, children have a good chance at surviving common illnesses—growing, thriving, and eventually protecting their own children from preventable diseases.

Around the world, more children than ever are experiencing this promise of vaccines. Each year, immunization reaches 106 million children and saves 2.5 million from vaccine-preventable diseases. Yet 24 million children still lack basic immunization, and new vaccines that reach the industrialized world may take years to become available in poor countries, if they become available at all.

PATH works to reach communities most in need with lifesaving solutions, from a shot that prevents cervical cancer to a revolutionary vaccine that can protect millions in Africa from epidemic meningitis.

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Photo: PATH/Gabe Bienczycki.