Four people sitting in a health center waiting room, three of them wearing masks.

Ending TB requires innovative action in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment

Tuberculosis (TB) can be cured. Yet each year, more than a million people die from the disease, and it remains a leading killer of both women and people living with HIV.

At PATH, we’re working with partners to reach more people with internationally recommended treatment strategies and to implement those strategies more effectively. We’re developing, introducing, and scaling up technologies and tools to diagnose tuberculosis, including drug-resistant TB. We’re integrating diagnosis and treatment of TB with health services for children and for people living with HIV, diabetes, and other conditions. We’re engaging health providers and patients from all sectors in finding the right solutions through collaboration, and we’re implementing advocacy and communication activities to ensure entire communities are involved in strengthening TB programs.

We believe that concerted and collective efforts will lead to a world free of TB. With our partners around the world, we’re rising to the challenge of ending tuberculosis’ long history as a public health problem.

Photo: PATH/Nguyen Ba Quang.

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