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Sharing knowledge and evidence to combat violence and disease

In busy developing-country health programs, doctors and decision-makers often don’t have the resources to sift through all the latest research or synthesize new data that could hold solutions for better meeting women’s health needs. That’s where PATH comes in.

We make sure public health professionals have the tools to support and improve women’s health. We identify and shed light on threats to women’s well-being, such as widespread violence—then provide evidence to support governments and health programs in addressing these critical issues. We compile the most recent scientific knowledge on important reproductive health topics and share it with our global colleagues, helping inform plans and policies that meet women’s needs.

By researching, reviewing, and disseminating this ever-growing collection of information, PATH is helping communities around the world arm themselves with the knowledge and evidence to fight back against poor health.

Photo: PATH/Mike Wang.

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Researching violence against women

Exposing gender-based violence

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