Two men wearing safety goggles working on a metal gadget in front of a world map with North America and Northern and Western Europe highlighted.

PATH’s offices in North America and Europe position us for collaboration with the foundations and governments that support our work and with our many colleagues in global health.

Seattle headquarters

Our headquarters office in Seattle, Washington, houses many of PATH’s central functions. PATH’s president and leaders set vision and make policy for the organization. Experts in finance, information technology, human resources, travel, and procurement assist our local and international staff and keep our programs running smoothly. Professionals in communications and fundraising share information about PATH’s work and mobilize resources that increase our impact.

The Seattle office is home to much of our technology-related activity. The building contains a level-two biosafety laboratory and a product development shop for fabricating prototypes, testing materials, and mocking up manufacturing scenarios to prepare for mass production. Technologies developed in these facilities include woman-controlled contraceptive devices, vaccine and pharmaceutical technologies, and diagnostic tests for infectious diseases. In addition, our work in malaria control, reproductive health, technology solutions, and vaccine access and delivery is based in the Seattle office.

Washington, DC

PATH maintains a large office in the US capital. Our DC staff direct much of our work in  HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis, maternal and child health and nutrition, malaria vaccine, noncommunicable diseases, and vaccine development. They also raise awareness of global health issues through advocacy and policy work and increase our organizational visibility among donors and colleague organizations.

South San Francisco

PATH’s Drug Development Program, located in South San Francisco, is working to develop and ensure availability and accessibility of safe and effective new medicines for diseases disproportionately affecting people in developing countries. By combining entrepreneurial energy, pharmaceutical expertise, and an innovative product development partnership model, we challenge the assumption that pharmaceutical research and development is too expensive to create the new medicines that the developing countries desperately need.

Ferney, France, and Geneva, Switzerland

Our offices in Ferney, France, and Geneva, Switzerland, aid our collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) and are also home to staff working in vaccine access and delivery and on the Meningitis Vaccine Project, a partnership between PATH and WHO.

Photo: PATH/Patrick McKern.