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Doesn’t every child in the world deserve a healthy start in life?

A child’s best chance at health often comes from vaccines that protect against life-threatening and ravaging diseases. This is especially true in the developing world, where health care can be hard to come by. Many families live more than a day’s walk from services or simply cannot afford to see a doctor, and they have nowhere to turn when they get sick. The prevention offered by vaccines is lifesaving.

Unfortunately, parents in the developing world can’t be sure that their children will receive such protection. Immunization services may fail to reach them.

Globally, we could save millions of children a year if we could just get the most common vaccines to everyone. That’s why PATH works with partners in low-income countries not only to accelerate introduction of vaccines, but to ensure systems and support are in place for their continued and effective use. We help decision-makers get the the information and resources they need to make informed choices on when and how to introduce vaccines, and we conduct research to determine how vaccines can best be used to meet a country’s specific needs. We work to build strong, resilient immunization systems that reach even the most remote villages. And we help people understand the value of vaccines, building critical financial, political, and community support.

We are working toward a world where the most vulnerable are protected through equal access to vaccines.

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