Laughing students holding a banner about sex education

Giving youth the skills and knowledge to chart a strong future

Youth are the promise of tomorrow, yet the risks they face to their health are ever-present today. Young people must navigate everything from HIV to pregnancy, unsafe abortions, and violence, often amid cultures where even discussing contraception is taboo.

Add these hurdles to adolescents’ everyday challenges—schoolwork, social development, jobs—and young people could easily be overwhelmed.

PATH is meeting adolescents where they are, in a manner they can relate to, and helping them overcome these obstacles to their reproductive health. We’re enhancing their access to information and services and reaching out to them in places they already go, such as pharmacies, schools, and work places. With our partners, we’re training peers to teach each other critical life skills, and we’re engaging families, employers, health care providers, and communities as key participants.

With sexually transmitted infections highest among young people, and complications from pregnancy, childbirth, and unsafe abortions the most common killer of girls aged 15 to 19, PATH believes it’s critical that youth be empowered with the information and resources to be healthy today and tomorrow.

Photo: Natawit Thani.

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Transforming lives

Rebellious preteen Jonathan turns into a model son

Smiling adolescent girl.

China Adolescent Health Project

Meeting young people on the move

Training helps migrant youth in China develop skills for life

Pharmacist holding HIV prevention materials.

RxGen pharmacy project

Reaching youth through pharmacies

A model for increasing youth’s access to reproductive health services