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Press release | October 27, 2014
Positive clinical results indicate vaccine candidate is highly efficacious against bacterial diarrhea

Vaccine/adjuvant combination against a leading cause of bacterial diarrhea shows great promise for saving children’s lives

Announcement | September 18, 2014
PATH receives award to develop novel vaccine against a leading bacterial cause of diarrhea

New award from the Wellcome Trust will support the clinical development of a vaccine against Shigella for children in the developing world

Press release | June 16, 2014
PATH receives grant to expand drug research for deadly diarrhea

Partnerships will be key to eventual scale-up of innovations to reduce child deaths

Announcement | March 12, 2014
Newly published study indicates lifesaving potential for new rotavirus vaccine

Article in The Lancet provides safety and efficacy data from phase 3 trial of ROTAVAC®

Announcement | September 23, 2013
New publication highlights ten proven innovations to save women and children now

Breakthrough health innovations could save 1.2 million mothers and children by the end of 2015

Announcement | August 27, 2013
New PATH partnership will advance solutions for diarrhea and malaria

UK government is funding nine innovative partnerships to address deadly diseases

Announcement | May 28, 2013
Antidiarrheal drug candidate moves to next phase of clinical study

Investigational new drug developed by PATH’s Drug Development program could shorten the duration and severity of symptoms

Announcement | May 24, 2013
CEO announces target for reducing childhood deaths
Announcement | May 14, 2013
New rotavirus vaccine shows promise

Partners announce positive phase 3 clinical trial results for affordable rotavirus vaccine

Announcement | May 06, 2013
PATH to test new formulation of oral rehydration solution

Advances in oral rehydration solution composition may strengthen a proven defense against diarrhea

Press release | November 12, 2012
PATH’s Drug Development program announces positive phase 1 results for its anti-diarrheal medication
Press release | October 29, 2012
Malawi to protect thousands of children's lives with rotavirus vaccines

Malawi becomes the 10th GAVI-supported country to introduce vaccines against most common cause of severe and fatal diarrhoea

Announcement | June 22, 2012
A call to action for child survival

Conference mobilizes key stakeholders to end preventable child deaths

Announcement | May 11, 2012
New evidence documents improvements in child health and survival

Data in The Lancet show significant decreases in child mortality; persistent threat of diarrhea and pneumonia

Press release | April 24, 2012
Accelerating access to lifesaving rotavirus vaccines will save more than 2.4 million lives

Special supplemental issue of the journal Vaccine provides critical insights on rotavirus vaccine performance to help maximize their impact in developing countries

Announcement | June 08, 2011
Improving access to lifesaving vaccines

Rotavirus vaccine manufacturers offer to cut prices for the world’s poorest countries

Press release | January 20, 2011
Rotavirus vaccines are improving the health and well-being of children by substantially reducing severe and fatal diarrhea

Study findings in a special supplemental issue of The Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal demonstrate rotavirus vaccine’s significant impact on reducing childhood diarrheal disease around the world

Announcement | November 18, 2010
World Toilet Day to raise awareness about the global sanitation crisis

PATH and partners mark the day with a variety of activities

Press release | November 09, 2010
Symposium in Vietnam to discuss integrated approach to defeating diarrheal disease, a leading cause of child death worldwide and in the Asian region

Vietnamese Ministry of Health, National Pediatric Hospital, and PATH bring regional health leaders together November 10–11, 2010 to discuss diarrheal disease solutions for Asia

Press release | August 02, 2010
Global health advocates, scientists urge African nations to introduce rotavirus vaccine, reduce devastating impact on children
Press release | March 31, 2010
New policy unveiled to combat diarrhoeal disease, a leading killer of Kenyan children
Press release | March 26, 2010
International Enteric Vaccine Consortium and PATH announce new research collaboration to address diarrheal disease
Press release | January 28, 2010
New data on rotavirus vaccine from Mexico and Africa show lifesaving impact and effectiveness in the developing world
Press release | November 05, 2009
New Journal of Infectious Diseases special edition outlines compelling rotavirus burden data and critical need for access to vaccines in high-burden regions
Press release | October 14, 2009
New UNICEF/WHO report focuses attention on diarrheal disease—the second leading killer of children under 5—and outlines 7-point plan to control this preventable and treatable illness
Announcement | September 04, 2009
Conference will highlight PATH’s work on a leading childhood killer

PATH staff will take part in Vaccines for Enteric Diseases conference in Spain

Press release | August 18, 2009
PATH receives $1.5 million Hilton Humanitarian Prize

Hilton Foundation awards world’s largest humanitarian prize to Seattle-based global health organization for its commitment to lifesaving technologies for the developing world

Press release | June 05, 2009
WHO recommends global use of rotavirus vaccines
Press release | May 12, 2009
Two new reports highlight stalled progress against diarrheal disease
Announcement | May 08, 2009
Sounding the alarm on a global killer

PATH rallies advocates to renew fight against diarrheal disease

Press release | March 31, 2009
Rotavirus vaccines have potential to save 2.5 million lives by 2025

New briefing paper on the burden and prevention of rotavirus issued as global health community focuses on near-term promise of rotavirus vaccines

Press release | September 02, 2008
Murdoch Childrens Research Institute and PATH announce new partnership to produce rotavirus vaccine candidate for clinical trials
Press release | June 19, 2008
ACE BioSciences and PATH announce new collaboration to develop a vaccine against diarrheal disease

Partnership will accelerate development of the ACE527 vaccine against enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli (ETEC)

Press release | February 20, 2008
FDA advisory committee recommends US approval of rotavirus vaccine

Vaccine has the potential to save thousands of lives in poor countries

Announcement | October 05, 2007
PATH expands work on vaccines against diarrheal disease
Press release | July 09, 2007
New vaccine partnership in China

PATH and China National Biotec Group/Wuhan Institute of Biological Products to collaborate on vaccine for diarrheal disease

Press release | April 25, 2007
Rotavirus vaccine achieves strong results in Bangladesh Clinical Trial

Findings add evidence for developing country use of rotavirus vaccines

Announcement | February 23, 2007
FDA issues information update on rotavirus vaccine

RotaFlash news update

Press release | November 29, 2006
GAVI Alliance will finance rotavirus vaccines in world’s poorest countries

Investment reduces typical 10- to 15-year timeline for vaccines to reach developing countries

Announcement | November 17, 2006
First GAVI-eligible country marks official introduction of rotavirus vaccine
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