Various notecards

Make a tribute gift to PATH, and we’ll send a card with an image from a country where PATH works to whomever you choose. Photo: PATH.

Honoring family and friends with a lifesaving gift

Gifts to PATH have a direct impact on lives around the world, but they can warm hearts close to home, too. Contributions of any amount can be made in honor of a friend or member of your family. It’s a way to share your commitment to global health—and honor the shared commitment of those you care about.

Make a tribute gift, and we’ll send a card with a photograph representing our far-reaching work—stunning images from Senegal, Peru, India, and other countries—to whomever you choose. We’ll tell them who you are and that you’ve honored them with a gift in their name.

Short on time? We’ve designed a printable tribute card (720 KB PDF) for you to use until the official cards arrive!

Make a tribute gift.