Making history with a simple, significant act

PATH donor Erick Rabins and family

PATH Futures donors Erick and Marta Rabins are pictured here with their children, Nina and Lucas. Photo: Courtesy of Erick Rabins.

PATH donor Erick Rabins believes that we live in one of the defining moments for which a generation is remembered—a moment when efforts are coming together to dramatically improve global health. “I want everyone to realize their potential to affect the future—how actions today have immense impact on how we’ll be remembered tomorrow,” says Erick. He and his wife, Marta, are doing their part through a bequest to PATH.

A personal gift with worldwide impact

“Imagine the great things that could happen with the windfall of your life’s efforts,” he notes when asked why he and Marta included a bequest to PATH in their wills. Erick was inspired to give to PATH by his family. “I love my children just as much as a parent in Africa whose child is suffering from malaria does,” he says. “The pain and grief that a parent in the developing world would feel if they lost a child is the same grief I would feel. Those families deserve the opportunity for good health.”

One might think 40-something Erick is too young to think about his will—but this vice president with Allied Minds, Inc., is determined to see today’s advancements in science reach the broadest number of people. “The great products being developed today aren’t going to make it to developing countries unless places like PATH are around to make sure that happens.”

Tomorrow comes sooner than you expect

By supporting PATH Futures, a circle of individuals making a commitment to global health equity through bequests to PATH, Erick is making sure his generation leaves a mark on history. “My hope is that 50 years from now, we are the generation remembered for the cure for malaria—not a ringtone or a wrinkle cream.”

To learn more about PATH Futures, please contact David C. Wu, chief development officer, at or 206.302.6073.