PATH Journeys traveler greets a village mother and baby.

PATH Journeys offers donors a chance to see their contributions in action.

Change your surroundings. Change the world.

“I can read about the projects . . . but there’s nothing that can substitute actually visiting with the people and seeing how it impacts their lives. It’s incredibly moving.”
Mary Kay Burdick, PATH Journeys traveler

Have you wondered how much impact your support to PATH can have? Are you curious about the people whose lives are changed by PATH and our partners?

PATH Journeys, our donor travel program, opens the door to a world where families and communities are helped every day by projects funded by people like you. It is a rare chance to explore a country deeply—traveling to areas few tourists ever see and meeting the people touched by PATH’s work.

It’s all too easy for visitors to the developing world to see only poverty and suffering, inequities and ill health. PATH Journeys offers the chance to see the real hope that our work is bringing—with help from people like you. We hope you’ll travel with us. Change your surroundings—and change the world!

Upcoming trips

No trips are currently scheduled. For more information, please contact Anne Aumell at or 206.285.3500.

Photo: Heng Chivoan.