Smiling woman in floral blouse holding her toddler.

Journeys travelers join the communities, leaders, and staff saving lives at the frontlines of global health. Photo: PATH/Eric Becker.

Innovation can change the world. See what it takes.

“It's one thing to read about PATH's innovative programs; it's far better to see firsthand the translation of great ideas into positive, real-world solutions.”
—PATH Journeys traveler

Today, a new vaccine is protecting hundreds of millions of people in Africa from deadly and debilitating meningitis A.

A semisynthetic version of the key ingredient in malaria treatment is stabilizing the supply worldwide.

Hundreds of thousands of low-income families in Africa and Asia have new access to safe drinking water, thanks to a smart filter and an affordable micro-financing program.

And some of India’s poorest communities have the tools and knowledge to save the lives of their vulnerable mothers and infants.

PATH is behind these and hundreds of other solutions to the health challenges facing women and children worldwide. We combine cross-sector partnerships, technical expertise, on-the-ground experience, and tireless persistence to shatter boundaries in ways few others can. In 2013, our work touched the lives of nearly 219 million people in more than 70 countries.

Journeys, PATH’s global travel program, is a unique opportunity for select participants to experience this work firsthand.

Journeys travelers join PATH staff at the frontlines of global health. Each trip is a rare opportunity to explore a region deeply and learn about our cutting-edge projects. You’ll see areas few tourists visit, talk directly with decision-makers and thought leaders, and meet the communities we’re partnering with to save lives. Join PATH for a week—and become part of a lifetime of change.

Upcoming trips

Our 2014–2015 program includes visits to three growing centers of health innovation.

India (November 8–16, 2014)
See the breakthrough solutions that are overcoming long-standing barriers to health in India—and explore the PATH partnerships that are closing the loop between thought leaders, innovators, and Indian communities.

Kenya (2015)
Follow the trail of health innovation, from the laboratory bench to a nurse’s hand, and learn how PATH is saving lives and improving health in Kenya’s poorest regions.

South Africa (2015)
Travel to an expanding center of African entrepreneurship, talk with the people driving lifesaving growth, and see how PATH and partners at every level are overcoming South Africa’s most persistent health challenges.


To learn more about this invitation-only opportunity, please contact:

Jenny Andrews, program leader
Tel: 206.302.4565