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Through innovation funding, individual donors support some of PATH’s most effective work. Photo: PATH/Molly Mort.

The need for innovation funding

It takes dedication and determination to transform a good idea into global change. That’s what PATH does every day: turning the world’s most innovative ideas into workable solutions for people in poor countries.

A commitment to global health

The dedication and determination are not just ours. It’s people like you who make sure that every idea gets a chance to succeed—from a hand-drawn design to a global supply chain; from a new vaccine candidate to a health worker’s hand. Gifts from individuals are the innovation funding that drives our most effective work.

So what does innovation funding mean?

It means we can test cutting-edge ideas and expand pilot projects through communities and beyond.

A vaccine introduced with help from PATH is providing widespread protection, for the first time, against the severe disability and death caused by Japanese encephalitis. Innovation funding fueled our early research—and in 2007, 18 million children were given lifetime protection against the disease.

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Look for this icon across to find projects that have received innovation funding.

It means we can leverage contributions from governments and foundations—your commitment to global health guaranteeing theirs.

Our work on cervical cancer prevention started on a shoestring budget, with just $25,000 of innovation funding. Over eight years, we leveraged more than $50 million to launch the Alliance for Cervical Cancer Prevention, which brought cervical cancer screening to half a million women in the developing world. Today, PATH is helping bring the cervical cancer vaccine to women around the globe.

It means we can remain one of the most effective organizations working to improve health around the world.

Innovation funding helped us bring in world-class leadership and build a strong base for our work in India, a country at a crucial turning point for the health of its people. Since 2003, the size of our India program has more than doubled, touching on clean, safe water; HIV care and prevention; and lifesaving projects for mothers and babies in urban slums.

To find out more about the impact of innovation funding, read PATH’s 2013 annual report.

You are the catalyst

With the help of individuals who share our vision, we maintain the Catalyst Fund—PATH’s primary source of innovation funding. Read more about the Catalyst Fund or make a one-time gift today.